Water Damage

Water Damaged Carpet Repair

Wet Carpet is a nightmare but it can happen to anyone. A major water leak from a burst pipe, a serious spill, or even a severe storm, can leave your carpets soaked. We have treated carpets damaged from washing machines, overflowing baths, as well as rainwater overflowing from balconies! If carpets aren’t treated by a professional straight away, they are susceptible to staining, mould growth and odour. Don’t think you can just let your carpets dry out naturally! Murray’s Carpet cleaning has the right equipment and the right experience to restore your carpets to their former glory.

So, how do we extract the water? We have powerful vacuums designed specifically to extract almost every drop of water from your carpets. After this, the carpets need to be treated with specific agents to prevent stains and unwanted odours. Finally, we dry the carpets to make sure you don’t experience any mould growth. Follow up visits are all part of the famous Murray’s Carpet Cleaning Service. Contact Us straight away if you have water damaged carpets in your home or office.

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